Should I pursue him?

I've really liked this guy for almost a month. We attend the same English class, but barely notices me. A couple weeks ago, I caught him looking at me up and down. I looked at him, and his eyes snapped away. This has been going on for weeks, so I decided to get some advice.

My eldest sister told me to talk to him. I asked him if I could sit next to him, and he just shrugged. After class, I introduced myself. He nodded, kinda like he didn't care. I expected a better response, so I was pretty down.

A few days ago, I was walking down the stairs to my last period, and there he is. Standing in the doorway, and looking right at me. I use every bit of my willpower not to blush, and I continue on.

My two closest friends have known him for a few years, so I asked them about him. They told me some interesting things. So much so, that talking to him is no longer that daunting to me.

Do you think he's not interested at all, and there is no way we could work, or should I go for it?

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I tried to add him as a friend on Facebook, but I think he rejected it. :(
Weird, his good (girl) friend isn't his friend on Facebook, either...

mysteries abound!


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  • well from what I'm hearin. most men will mak der feelins clear wen there into a girl alot. it kinda sounds to me tat he is not all tat into u. but every man if different dis could just be his way of playin it cool to get u2 like him more but as the sayin goes there is only 1 way 2 find out.

  • If he's playing hard to get, damn he's good. Otherwise either try flirting with the guy or just walk up to him and give him a quick kiss on the cheek and walk away. If that doesn't get his attention then start looking elsewhere. This guy is either too shy to say anything back or really is just not interested in you.

    There was once this girl I liked but never managed to get some alone time with her. She was always surrounded by friends. So one day a friend of mine dared me to walk up to this girl and just give her a quick peck on the cheek. It didn't take her long to realize I had a thing for her so the next class that we had together she couldn't take her eyes off of me. We shared a few smiles from across the room and when class was over she walked right up to me and said, "I'm seeing someone right now but I never imagined that I would have a chance to be with a guy like you." A few months later she broke it off with her boyfriend, a few weeks after that her and I started seeing each other. 9 years later, we got married and have 2 children with one on the way.

    • Wow, if that's not a success story, I don't know what is. xD

      I'm really terribly shy, so I suck at flirting or doing anything spontaneous and crazy like running up to him and kissing him on the cheek. ;-;

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