Going to prom in 2015?

This is an easy question for the younger participants of this board. Back in the ancient days of the early 1980's, girls and boys went to prom. A custom from those ancient days was that the guy would buy the girl a corsage while the girls would give the guy a boutonniere.

Does this ancient tradition continue into today?

I have a 17-year-old son going to his first prom this year, so we are trying to figure out what all he should be doing to prepare.

As it turned out, he gave her a corsage, and she loved it! They had a great time! Glad to see some "old" traditions are still hanging in there.


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  • Well if I was going to prom I think I'd wanna do it the traditional way. But I'm kind of into old fashioned stuff. 😐


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  • Some guys still give girls a corsage at my school so I definitely think it's still a thing. I don't know about the girls though


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