What do you think about Guys Ear cuffs?

I recently saw some ear cuffs and thought they looked cool. but I am curious if there is a meaning to them. the only thing i found that is was a "rebel" thing.

Is there a specific side that has a meaning when you where them as a guy?

or is it more of a girl thing? girls get away a lot easier it seems this stuff like that. haha!

  • I like ear cuffs on guys only
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  • i like ear cuffs on girls only
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  • i like them on both
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  • I don't like ear cuffs at all
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anyone? i am curios to get more opinions


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  • I like them on anyone personally

    • I even own a few

    • yeah i was thinking about the simple ones nothing crazy

    • Ya I like the ones that look like they've been braided, I've seen some pretty cool snake ones too

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