Which phone should I get?

I have an iphone 4s with me atm, and im selling it.. but im not sure what to get? i really want a change from an iphone but i have a mac book pro.. im wondering it the syncing wouldn't be as good?
also im a uni student so the pricing is important too haha

iphone 6
samsung 5S


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  • Android phones do not sync well with mac computers.

    It hurts me to say this, but I think you should continue with the iphone.

    That being said. I'd get the iphone 5s. But that's just me. I loathe the 6.
    One, the iphone 5s is cheap, and it's not old. It's not huge (like the 6) and it syncs well with your laptop.


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  • buy htc one it's the best device ever

  • Samsung says student. Iphone says professional. Take your pick.

    Used iphone 5 is $200. Sell your 4 for $95.


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  • From what I am hearing and reading now, lveloved_ivelost, make sure Any phone you get is a Smart phone with this New NFC chip built in. I am going with Verizon's new one NFC phone which I can get cheaper online, opposed to spending 300 and more at their own store.
    It will be important to have for your banking needs in the near future and eventually from what I am reading, the One phone you will need to conduct transactions for buying with the sound of this beeping.
    I am also seeing that our credit cards, bank cards by October 15th of this year will no longer be accepted, but chips implanted in our cards instead that will be required we use and merchants to have in their stores.
    Good luck. xx

    • whaaaat the... oh dear. Yeah for sure, ill keep it in mind. Thank you! :) xxx

    • It's called Digital banking with this... I have spoke to my bank and have done some research... With our poor dollar dying, this is what they may have in mind... you are so welcome, sweetie... look into the NFC phones, I am sure your favorite brand name cell phones will be bringing them out if they have not already. xxoo

  • Iphone 6 or 6 plus