I'm trying to grow my hair, I neer advice?

So my hair has always been short, but the idea of growing never escaped my mind. I tried to grow it for a few months but I just came out hideous and ended up cutting it away. I want it to be shoulder length

So this question goes out to all, any advice to grow my hair? And to keep it healthy?


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  • Just take care of it. Feed it the protein and moisture it needs when it needs, de tangle very carefully to avoid breakage, don't do too much bad to it. Don't necessarily need to trim to grow how a lot of people think you do, just need to retain length... trims only help if your hair is damaged and you're cutting off damage... think about it, hair grows like an inch a month in average, if you're getting a trim every few weeks or month, you're just cutting off what grew... instead focus on keeping length you grow by not damaging it and taking good care of it.

    Also, just like with skin what you eat and drink effects the hair. Water and vegetables and excersize do genuinely help keep skin and hair fresh and growing nicely

    • Now this is the advice I'm looking for, but I have a question, side burns needs to be trimmed right? I want it to be the same length as my beard but I have a fear that he takes a few long strands with him (barber).

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    • Nice, thank you very much. Now all i have to do is be patiĆ«nt and carefull. Can i aslo have your opinion about men with long hair?

    • Haha, personally I'm not that into it, but all three of my best friends think I'm crazy for thinking that because they're all into it massively lol, they think it looks really sexy.
      For me, I admire guys who grow really beautiful healthy hair and will even go start a conversation with him and swap tips with him, but it's not my kinda look that I'm attracted to.

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  • Don't get your hair cut.

  • Well one tip would be to have small regular cuts maybe every few weeks just to keep it neat and it should help it grow faster also.

    • That might work, but my hair is fly frustrating. once it gets long, it starts to seem like wool and gets sort of piled up, fly stressfull

    • *fly=really my bad

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