'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' ?

what do you class as beautiful? post me a name or a link :D

just out of interest :D x


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  • I don't have a specific type, I just know what I like when I see it

    MEN- Little Wayne link

    Zac Efron link

    Hosea Chanchez link

    Chad Ocho Cinco link

    Troy Polomalu link

    I actually prefer guys I see in real life to most celebrities

    WOMEN- Lauren London link

    Jourdan Dunn link

    Cheryl Cole link

    Trina link

    Nicki Minaj link

    • Wow, you have a really varied taste! thanks for taking the time to post all the links :D

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  • Kara Lang, Canadian soccer star: link

  • Good question! You have just used one of my favourite sayings. I would just like to say that I have no fixed 'type' who I like and I find all sorts of women attractive. I will give you the example of Keira Knightly though.

    • But keira has a boys' body lol. and boy body has nothing to do with lack of boobs. she's got a boxy boy frame.

    • I find her face attractive, and think that her body isn't that bad really. As I said though I like a lot of different body types and looks. She was just an example.

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  • Taylor Lautner - link link link

    Lucas Till - link link link

    Ryan Reynolds - link

    Gerard Butler (I LOVE HIS ACCENT) - link

  • Brad Pitt

    Celebs aside,

    tall, somewhat large eyes, perfect bone structure, eyes that angle a bit downward at the inner corners and up at the outer corners. long lashes, nose not too big or small,basically all body parts in proportion, clear and smooth skin complexion, soft shiny hair with no split ends, full lips on girls and medium lips on guys, good posture -no stoop and carries his.herself well, bright eyes and inquisitive --doesn't look sick.

    Intelligent, confident, happy, has sense of humor, social, adventurous, fun, caring, charismatic, open...

  • I get quite amazed by the personality, truly he could be extremely cute with a lame attitude\personality. I'd never give a try because that's the biggest TURN-OFF to me xD