Which hair color?

Should I do a darker purple, pink, darker blue or black and one of these colors? Don't say a natural color because I don't like that

Ok well here's some info on how I look. I have light ivory/fair skin, my hair right now is dirty blonde (natural). I have a more round face. I'm cool toned and I'm not really leaning towards black because I wear a lot of black


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  • Well you're going to need more information to provide us with. It all comes down to what your face looks like and what your skin tone is. For example:

    If you had a lighter skin tone (Caucasian): I think that you would be able to pull of the purple, pink and blue, but sometimes the colour black and be overwhelming and make a person who's fair look sickly pale. Consider going for pastel pink, blue and purples because they're more subtle and can blend with different types of clothes better than strong colours.

    If you have a brownish kind of skin town (Latino): Black would be amazing cause the contrast isn't to harsh with your skin. I think it would also pull of the dark purple, pastel pink, and dark blue. Try not to make the colours to neon as it may clash with a lot of clothes.

    If you have fairly dark skin: I believe dark skin has so much potential with colour, if you have the right face structure and build, dark purple and dark blue would look amazing! But pink I think would be too much. Black is also a safe choice, but it's a colour everyone has, so it's not really special (unless you're going for the natural look)

    Keep in mind that I just said skin tones, you're facial structures also have a lot to do with which colours would look best on you (especially eyes, your eye colour can't clash with the colour of you hair)

    • I added info on how I look

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    • I don't really want to do pastel because it fades so fast

    • It shouldn't if you buy good products and get help from a professional opposed to doing it yourself. I have a school friend that got 'cotton candy' hair (simply put, pastel blue and pink hair), and it's stayed for two years already. Seeing as your blonde, even if it does fade a bit, it won't be noticeable as your colour is pastel and the lighter it is the more pastel it gets :p

      But, if you really want a solid colour, just go for blue :)

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  • It's hard to say anything without seeing you... so I say black.

  • Black is better


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