Mixed style?

this is out of interest, but do you prefer girls who show different sides in their clothing?

i.e. glam, girlie, rock chick, etc?


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  • Dressing doesn't bother me that much, but I like a girl that fits within the norm- but in her own way.

    I like a girl to stay within the same boundaries, if she likes dressing cute- keep it that way... The same goes for a girl that likes dresses. Wherever you feel comfortable, stay the same. If you dress like a "hip hop girl" when you go to the dance, but a "woman lawyer" outside that same dance- it looks like your trying too hard to fit in.

    Keep it the within the same boundaries, but mix it up- a skirt or some pjs here and there... The next day maybe some pants- but make it all tied around the same "theme"

    Hope it helps,


    • i suppose, but I might dress for the occasion, like "hip hop girl in the dance" (and PJs?)

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  • Different sides? Different than what? If you mean different than most other girls, then I think that it shouldn't matter much what other people are wearing; I appreciate a girl who will make her own decisions. If you mean different than her own personality, then I wouldn't particularly enjoy that since it would be odd to have a contradicting style and personality.

    • maybe not so different from my own personality - I just meant from different genres of fashion

  • I like a girl to dress how she feels comfortable, if she's happy then I'm happy.


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