What does it mean if a girl's eyes dart right when you accidentally lock eyes?

This is a gal I haven't seen in a few years. Got mixed signals way back when,but last interaction was her asking me to call her the next day for a date. I did not.

I'm guessing its hard to tell difference between a 'spite' look and 'dbag' look.


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  • So you saw a girl that you haven't seen in years and your last encounter was you blowing her off and you wonder why she didn't keep eye contact?

    Sounds like she just doesn't want you to think she gives a damn so won't give you the benefit of thinking she is staring at you lustfully drooling wishing she could just jump on you.

    You could have told her straight you wasn't ready to get into a relationship with her rather than making her feel like dirt.

    Leave her alone, who cares what she thinks of you, you didn't care about her feelings then so don't now, she has every right to look at you like dirt.

    Sounds like she has left you uneasy, good, now you know how she felt.

  • Dude... in reference to the title question, it's a reflex. Unless somebody is planning to stare into each other's eyes, people are conditioned not to make eye contact randomly.