Do you know the name of this piece of clothing?

Alright, I've been searching the internet for this type of clothing, but whenever I think I have the right name, it gives me either halloween/religious costumes, or just women apparel.

What I'm looking for is best described as a cape. However, the length of the cape ends at around your shoulder blades. The cape is connected by a button (it would have maybe 3 buttons total). Its the type of thing you would see Sherlock Holme typically wearing.

I tried searching half-cape, shoulder cape, bolera (or whatever its called, cardigan, shrugs - I just don't know what its called and Google isn't helping me out there.


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  • Caplet/capelet or victorian cloak. It's harder to find mens than it is to find women's though. There are tons on etsy i think.

    • Thanks, I guess people just don't make it for guys unless its for a costume haha ah well.

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  • Why don't you type in "Sherlock Holme's cape"?

    • Then I will get Sherlock Holme capes and cosplay. I want to browse that type of clothing with more variety, you know?

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    • Probably, but they are usually too long and too... colorful. Looking for something that just covers my shoulder blades and doesn't have a hood. Short pancho doesn't help either haha

    • Haha okay sorry. Wish I could help more but no clothing expert! Good luck!

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