Is this a sign he might like me?

There is this boy that I like, you probably figured that out already but still. He is in my third and forth period. Forth period is band. I play the flute, he plays the tuba. When I look straight ahead, I look at him, that's just the way the seats are. I haven't liked him for too long, but we were together all day last Saturday for a band thing, just the two of us backstage setting up for LGPE. This thing where bands get ratings. So, I've always had a little crush on him, but since then I have come to like him more.

All this week, I've tried not to look up in band because I tend to turn red when I look into the guy I like's eyes. However, today we were doing all the scales, and I have them all memorized. When I play stuff that's memorized, I sort of have to like look up. So, pretty much the whole class I was looking into his eyes. So, whenever he looked up (which means his eyes meet mine), I would turn away. Then when I looked up I caught him looking at me and when he saw me look up, he turned the other way too.

So, what I guess I'm asking is that is this a sign that he might like me? And, should I not look at him anymore. Like is it kinda weird to catch a girl looking at you?

Any answers are appreciated! :)


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  • It's kinda hard to tell when he looks away if its like the same gesture that your giving him. If he's shy, chances are he has a crush on you too, if he's really self-confident he might just trying to avoid the situation at the moment. If you really like this guy continue to look at him because he kinda understands in a not-to-bold way but don't stare all weird or anything lol. Most of the time it isn't weird unless the girl makes it weird. And if he looks back don't turn your head immediately, let him connect to then kind of just look away. If he's into you too, he might start talking to you more and things.

    Hope I Helped!

    • Lol! You did help. He isn't necessarily shy all the time, but he isn't like the outgoing type either. I will keep looking at him (wow. That kinda sounds like I'm stalking him. Lol) and see what happens.

      Thanks! :)

    • Lol Np, good luck ;D

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