GUYS: How can I tame my thick hair?

I have really thick hair they are also wavy. The problem is they look very dry and hard.
Can you suggest any conditioner or product that I should wear to make them easy to manage?


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  • Yeah I can give you some tips..

    All my life I've had to deal with my super straight and thick Asian hair. I've always had problems with hairproducts. Most of them only kept my hair in place for a few minutes.

    I've tried countless of hairproducts, taking a few hairstyling courses, and have good experience with my hair type. So lately, I went from hating my hair to loving it. - Thicker hair takes greater effort, but the result can be absolutely awesome.

    After washing your hair with shamp and cond, try using saltwater spray, and then blow dry it. Use a MATTE clay wax and "slap" it into your hair (almost like slapping/clapping your head), and then rub the roots with your fingertips. Now you can create the style you want to. Eventually, you could finish with a hairspray.

    Hope it helps! Just pm me if you want tips, or my fav. hairproducts.


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