please answer this!! cosplay question?

Okay, I can dress up as a book character for school tomorrow, who should I dress up as?

-Can't be slutty,
-No face paint, (I'm allergic to face paint).
-Book, Manga, and Comic characters only.
-Obviously no one like Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen, because everyone will choose those, please.
-I am not willing to dye or cut my hair for just one day.
-I AM willing to curl it.
-Hopefully from a Horror novel ;)

-I have long-ish brown hair, (straight)
-I have brown eyes
-I don't have any acne.
-I don't wear glasses.

Any more questions about me that will determine my costume, just ask!

PLEASE HELP ME!! I need some genius ideas!


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  • Mother of dragons? 😕

  • ''21'' LOL.. Fake age detected.

    • Good observations, Anonymous. Thanks for the help. -_-
      And why would I go about broadcasting my age online, where you can track IPs much easier these days?

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  • Be a kid from the polar express. That's what everyone does every character day at my school because you get to wear pajamas, bring a blanket and pillow, and drink hot chocolate.

  • Yui Hirasawa if you have a guitar nearby

    Attack on Titan really you can just put the costume on and bang you a character.

    Even though she have orange hair still a good costume, and actually pretty practical the new BatGirl (2014)