What do you thhink about my style?

And do you have any tips on how I could improve it, or what could look good on me? Or what doesn't look good on me?

I send a link below with a lot of pictures. I'm not dissatisfied with my current style (though I don't like all the outfits below)... but I wanted to read the opinios and ideas of other people! thanks x


or tell me which outfits you liked best or which ones you didn't like so much...


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  • I like your style. You could always add accessories. Example: The our fit with the pink shirt, jeans, and brown boots with kitten heals, would look really cute with a slouchy hat. You look really good in the pictures with dresses. Maybe get some with a little more movement and some cute waist belts, the ones that sit under your boobs. Some scarves that are less bulky as well but the ones you have are really nice. If your not in the market for new clothes, I would say an easy way to amp it up is to build volume in your hair. You have really pretty hair so maybe a pony with volume at the crown, or some big curls would compliment all your ourfits. When all else fails, look to pinterest lol.

    • oh you gave me some good ideas there :P I guess I'll take written notes from it :D thanks!!

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    • Sorry I do not. I'm sure you could Google it and find a forum or something :-)

    • ok, thank you anyway :) :)

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  • in my opinion don't change anything, go with what you like don't worry about what others think, your pictures prove that you have great taste and that you know how to dress to get guys attention,

    be comfortable, be yourself and you are on to a winner,

    • thanks! :D i'm super small, it's not easy to find clothes for my size :P

    • did you not hear, small is amazing, and with your body well, your super small is super sexy

  • Damn girl... Nah you're good, don't change anything.


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  • I have a very critical eye for fashion, and to be honest I love your style. I especially love how you layer your turtlenecks under sweaters or jackets. Looks really cute, in fact I might steal some of your ideas! The only thing I don't see is a really warm coat, which is my winter staple. Parkas with fur trimmed hoods are really in style this year and would go great with your sweaters.

    Here is a north face one:

    Here is another if you want more color!

    • Thank you for your opinion :-) i guess you don't see very warm coats because I live in the south of Europe and it's not that cold here! Your suggestions were lovely though! thanks

    • You're welcome! I thought since you have warm sweaters that you live in a cold climate! I really do love your layering style, you inspire me to layer a turtleneck under another sweater tomorrow :)

    • Ahah well I'm happy to know that! And all the layering is because it's usually a bit cold indoors almost everywhere... it's warmer outdoors than indoors during the day and in the evening it gets much colder outside. Even at home i usually have three sweaters ob and only turn on the heater when it gets really cold...

  • I like your style and figure but I think your legs are somewhat short so wear high heels or dresses or shirts that maje your waist look "taller"

  • There isn't anything wrong with you're style. Only thing that i didn't like was your scarf. But thats my opinion. Wear whatever you like!! You need to be comfortable with your clothes not others :)

    • tanks! but which scarf? :P

    • oh yeah I looked at the pictures and I know which one you mean :P

  • it looks very simple and cozy! i like it