I'm confused, What jeans size would I be?

I'm 5'6 and about 100 pounds, I have 27 inch waist and 38 inch hips. I normally wear a size 8 in jeans but sometimes they feel too tight. But its strange because im actually really skinny and people think im a size 6.


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  • It's strange that you're so skinny, yet have a waist of 27 inches?
    I don't know. Why can't you just go to the store, try some jeans on and see?

    • Yea size six tops fit me fine and they're the smallest you can get here. Is 27 inch waist big?

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    • thank you!:)

    • No problem. Good luck!

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  • Everyone is different body shape, there is no "right size" every girl needs to be. As long as u r happy with ur body then the size dont matter

  • Wear a size 10 with a belt and see if that works, or look for jeans that are cut for your legs... also you can get them tailored if nothing else works