How do I reinvent myself?

Here is a picture of me:

Me with make up and no glasses:

Let me describe myself:
- I don't wear make up, unless rare occasion. Why? Cause I can never get it completely off. If you got advice to fix this, I am always listening.
-My weight. I weigh average. I am planning to fix that. If you got any ideas on how to get a flat stomach, do tell.
-My personality. For so long I have been seen as the ugly quiet nerd. I am actually outgoing but its hard for me to be like that outside my group of friends cause I feel like everyone judges me.

I want to be loud, strong, beautiful. Not who I am now. I am lonely, quiet, and according to others, not so pretty. I have the fake confidence. I can act like I am hot but I want to look hot.

I don't want to hear be yourself. I want hair advice, make up advice, and any other. I am tired of being myself and this Spring Break, I want to be someone different. Any fashion advice is also accepted.

Oy, I am keeping my glasses though.


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  • You'd look better with short hair - that's No.1!
    (You can tell that you look bad with your hair let down - it covers your face and makes it seem even more round. With a short haircut (or keeping your hair always in a pony tail/braid/bun) will make your whole face open up - like in the second picture.)

    You can't keep those glasses, because the frames don't suite you at all.
    If you can, buy a new frame - if you can't... then keep them...
    What do you mean "I can never get the makeup completely off." ? Just use some kind of make up removing milk and some cotton pads. (don't use waterproof mascara - obviously)

    That's all I can tell you.
    If you looked like you do in the second picture (with a better glasses frame), you'd be great looking!

    You are pretty. The thing is, it seems to me like you're trying NOT to look pretty at all - put a bit of effort into it. And no, don't lose weight. Exercise, but don't do it to lose weight, but to feel healthier.


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  • Get your hair in a style that matches your face NOTHING PLAIN/STRAIGHT. I say go with some curls or something of that nature.

    Get some cute glasses like this or some with a silver/chrome framing on them if possible

    Wear clothes that grip your body gracefully BUT NOT TO SMALL ON TOP of working out to shape your body even batter than it is now.

    I like your 1st pics look more than your 2nd BUT I WILL ADMIT that makeup did are more of a glare to your face. I like your natural skin tone better though.

    Wear more normal clothing IF YOU already don't that is, don't forget to stay true to yourself. If you want to change just make sure it's for yourself and not to impress others ^^

    • But I'll admit that, that make up did add a lot more glare to your face *

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    • I love your wild look in the 1st pic, when it comes to your hair ^^ So yeah it works for your face BUT NOT when cut straightly

      Glasses that you have now look good but when coupled with your fark hair they don't really stand out ^^

      Yeah wear your make up that way ^^

    • lol another user didn't like it. Thanks :)

  • Get contact lenses and keep your hair off your face. It looks like you are hiding and don't want attention. The second picture is much better and if you could find a smile you would be adorable.

  • I think you should aim to improve things that are beneficial for you health and future, so if you want to exercise, do it for the improvement in stamina and the energetic feeling you get from doing it, don't just try to loose weight.

    As for your general look, if it's interesting to put on makeup, do it, if it's hard to remove, find a better makeup remover.

    But at the end of the day, even now you look amazing and most guys wouldn't want you to change the way you are.

    • But I don't look amazing, thats the problem! I look like an old stupid nerd.

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    • Okay then.

      The easiest things to change and with the biggest impact are:

      hair, makeup and clothes

      From what i see in your 1st picture, your hair is pretty evenly cut all around, apart from your bangs,
      that leaves it looking rather plain ~ you need to find a good stylist that will work with you the right accents and cut the right parts so it adds volume to the right parts.

      For clothes, wearing more dresses or the type of clothing that fits you body type. this will take trial and error and a trustworthy friend.

      on makeup i can't comment. not my thing. I prefer discrete makeup that only highlights certain parts and which goes well with cloths, but some girls out there do some crazy things with it that looks pretty cool.

    • See! This is what I needed! Thank you so much!

  • Look deep inside yourself and decide what's worth keeping and what's gotta go. Then stick to your plan.

    But a word of advice: you can never truly deviate from who you are, you can only improve upon it.

  • Pocahontas? Is that you? xD

    Ohh shoot, is this a fashion question? Well, I have no idea about style so... adios!

  • You look pretty as you are, so, no need to try anything different

    • Hmmm see I disagree.

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    • No need to be sorry, you obviously needed to vent. And, though it is hard when you are young to not listen and be influenced by the opinions of others. The only person who matters is you, and, your opinion of you

  • Smile more, you're too serious.

  • You look like the type who has been in abusive relationships and now takes their anger out on innocent men when they commit petty crimes or haven't committed any crimes. When someone puts its complicated in their relationship status that means they were in an abusive relationship before. its sad cause you can't stand up to a man you find intimidating cause he probably reminds you of your abusive ex.

    • Da fuq? My ex was not abusive. At all. And I do not take out my anger on other men.

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    • Who is that? Anyways look you said you got bullied all the time in school well usually there is a reason when a lot of people pick on you and its most likely your attitude. Police officers have more important things to do than coming to your door after probably reporting a petty crime.

    • Okay. Assuming shit once again. I never called the police on anyone. My ex was not abusive. Yeah I did get bullied and by the way, your logic is fucking flawed. PEOPLE BULLY OTHERS CAUSE THEY CAN. Not cause I am weird or anything. So stop it.

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  • You're already really pretty. The only thing that would bring some oomph to your look, I'd say is to curl your. Flexi rods would give you such beautiful curls.
    Either that, or cut your hair into a bob, I think that would look really good on you since you have a round face.

    As for your personality, just treating yourself will make a MASSIVE difference, believe me. In the morning, I'll put on mascara and knowing that I look good is a huge confidence booster and so I'm not as shy around people. I'm really shy and you wouldn't even be able to tell on my good days (4/7 a week) that i'm shy. So basically carry yourself like you know you're hot shit lol and people will get that outgoing vibe

    • LOL I love what you did to my picture. Though I can't wear my hair that way cause I split my hair in the middle. To the side it looks weird.

      How do you get your make up off.

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    • You should! I hope your reinventing works out :)

    • Thanks so much! :)

  • Ok I think your perfect but I know tthat not what you want to here so here are some top:
    -hair: get a weave!! Weaves are soo in you can get it styled how ever you want but they are a bit pricey I paid 325$ for mine but that's the price to be like Beyonce lol
    - make up: you can go to make they'll hook you up but again a bit pricey
    -clothes: forever 21 magazines and fashion shows will help I don't know you're personal style
    Hope I helped hun but love yourself girl or nobody will

  • Grow your fringe and your hair.

    Wear contact lens

    Style your hair in waves.

    Experiment with make up.

    Smile when you take a snapshot of yourself.

  • I believe you're really, really beautiful.
    I also believe that EVEN THOUGH you cannot get contact lenses, try to get a square frame, or smaller/thinner frame at least. The round frame really does make you seem like a nerd and doesn't suit you at all.
    I think a purply red lipstick or maybe a deep red velvet brown lipstick would look super sexy against your eye color and skin tone. Hell yes, yes.
    Your clothing is fine to me, I like the style you have going on and no offence but your hair looks dead/dry, go to the hairdressers and let them do any style on you that they suggest, just go with it - I'm sure you'll love it!
    You have a really pretty face, just be thankful you have something to work with. :)

    • Trust me when I say I look like shit with thinner frames.

      Thank you for complimenting me even though I don't see my beauty.

      lol at my hair :p


  • I think you are cute as a "nerd" and also with make up on. I get the feeling you are going to figure it out.

    • Thanks. I will do whatever I can to make myself better. I am tired of all the crap I get. So I am going to make it better.

    • if you get crap from females it might be jealousy, if you get crap from guys it's because they are stupid

    • Jealousy? Seriously? Have you seen my pictures? There is nothing to be jealous of.

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