Girls and guys opinions please? Poll included?

My next tattoo is in a week and I'm getting this done (outline only in this first session)

Should I get the roses black and white or a deep crimson/dark maroon colour?

  • Dark crimson/maroon colour
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  • Black and white shading
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  • Dark crimson I suggest would be really eye catching :)

    • Thank you I'm thinking that also!

      Besides colour do you think the design is nice? It will go up my left side from hip to ribs

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    • I agree :) even if I don't get more sense I will get them really saturated. And the roses where there's shading between petals I want saturated black to make the red pop. Hahaha been watching way too much ink master

    • Yeahh it'll be great
      Sounds awesome 👍

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  • I think it depends on your skin color. Go black and white shading if you have light skin, go dark crimson/maroon if you have darker skin. This depends mostly on what race you are.

    The tattoo color, as with skin color, has no right or wrong color. You could do the opposite as how I suggested it. Taste is subjective and all that.

  • Beautiful :) I am sure it will look great!

  • Dark crimson/maroon color. It makes sense because they're roses.

  • I say black and white. I myself have 2 tats.


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