Are there any good hair products for a thick medium sized afro? Also are there any good hair coloured to go with medium to dark brown skin?

Need new hair products and I'm thinking about dying my hair a different colour but I want to know what would look well with my skin tone.
The skin tone I have.


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  • Organix (ogx) products are good for hair.
    And I would say blue would go good with your skin color.

    • Why blue? I'll look up Organix product but I've never heard of them. o. o

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    • My hair is the same but I believe they got something because it made my hair curly instead of puffy

    • o. o I read some things about it and with some people it helped straighten out their hair. I like my puff I just wish it were bigger and less dry.

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  • r u nappy?

    • >_> Are you illiterate?

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    • but it matters 4 what i sugest but fine

    • To ask if someone's hair is nappy just because they have an afro is very rude. My hair isn't nappy but I do have tight curls instead of loose ones. Most afro's weather they're tight curled or not aren't nappy, they're actually quite the opposite. The only way my afro would be nappy is if I didn't take care of it.

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