How to I appear more pretty in a school uniform?

I want to change my style a but but I have no ideas what to do because I have a school uniform! Here are our rules:

-only clear nail polish allowed
-in summer hair must me up (it's early autumn here so it's still hot
-only tips of hair can be coloured
-no makeup
-only sneakers/other closed shoes permitted (heels and boots are a no)
-no bright accessories
-only studs (earrings) allowed


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  • I used to be in the same boat as you before I changed schools. Basically for summer hair try doing different braids. There are so many braids and buns that you can do. Try a no makeup look and just cover pimples and put on some foundation to keep your skin looking good. As for shoes there are really cute shoes out there. I love Sperrys like Sperry Boat Shoes. Classy brown and tan ones look cute. As for studs do pearls or diamonds and look classy. For accessories you can always do silver bracelets if they are allowed. Do a bangle of some sort and a pretty ring. A thing that is was in was wearing a sweater in the winter rolling up the sleeves and rolling a long sleeve shirt over the sleeve as a cuff over the sweater. You can use the uniform as a way to dress really classy and high end. You can use it to look preppy and wear cute brand named shoes. I personally loved wearing a uniform. But I really do think that the best thing to do is not worry too much. Wear a smile and keep your hair neat and fun and you'll be good.


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  • Not to me personally but I'm sure there are some uniform festishes out there who think so lol

    • I don't think you understood the question.

    • @DumpliingPrincess
      FUCUULDJoiskhgosuehfbjselg It's 11PM... I probably should go to bed gees.

      Okay I'm sorry asker.
      Thank you Princess... alright let me do this again.

      Do you hair differently and invest more on your skin-care. That's the only thing you can do I suppose.

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  • Your not left with much options to appear "prettier". I would say just do your hair in different styles that you think make you look nice and feel good.

  • You could use your smile as an accessory. :)

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