How do you decorate?

I really want to decorate my room so that I'm happy in it but I sick at decorating and I have no idea how to do it. Please give me tips and things on how to decorate my room! And don't say "put things you like" because I need to know like what colors go together and where I shpld put my bed and stuff Like that. Thank you!


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  • You don't really make sense to be honest.

    You want to be happy in your room but you don't want to put things that come from your own mind, you prefer to have things that fit and goes together.

    First it isn't called happiness at this stage, it's just fitting in a stereotype and feeling relived that there are no mistakes in your room. I don't want to judge that kind of mind set since it's kind of common but you should at least question what you're trying to do.

    As to what you should do, take some times to read about color theory, it takes about 30min and you will be able to know which colors work together and such. For the rest read some design articles on the internet, you'll find cool "ideas" to put in your room.


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  • It depends. Everyone is different.
    Can't around on the Internet for things you may like.
    I have family pictures and pictures of my boyfriend in my room