How do you do the transition from shaven to unshaven areas?

especially transitions from private part area to legs or butt to legs.

please only guys who shave or girls who like them to be shaven.


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  • I just keep going, that way I avoid missing any spot.


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  • Well, whenever I shave my armpits I do three sets of three per armpit. Two going up and down and then the other going the opposite way of my body towards it.
    Then with the legs I just shave up to my knees and then stop to rinse the blade. Finally proceed up the rest of my legs all around.

    • ok so you don´t really have a obvious transition then from shaven to unshaven parts?

  • I dont really transition... Waist down is shaven, Waist up isn't (with the exception of armpits)

    • good that you mentioned the armpits :D was about to go "yuck".

      i guess as a woman you haven´t got the problem, that there will be a very abrupt transition if you just stop shaving at your waist.

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    • I don't want him to shave at all. A quick trim on the pubes would be appreciated, but I don't want anything shaved completely.

    • oh ok :D thanks for your input anyways.

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    • that kind of doesn´t answer the question ^^ but does this thing actually work fine? i heard it doesn't.

    • It may sting a little it works lol to answer your question I start from legs then I go to my butt and then my pubes

    • oh ok so you actually do remove hair from your legs too? ok... i am kind of too lazy and kind of like to keep my leg hair xD i might really want to invest in this contraption if it really works as advertised. i don´t mind a little pain if it gets the job done for good.