Why do people, or girls think that ugly, physically unattractive girls have it harder than ugly guys do?

Why do girls think that way, or people, society and culture in general? They say that if a girl is not cute or good-looking, overweight or physically unattractive, it will hurt her a lot more than a guy that is ugly, overweight, physically unattractive. Why do girls think that guys are more shallow and judge more on looks than they do themselves? I think girls are just as shallow and picky about looks, appearances as guys are, if not more, overall, ugly, physically unattractive people of both genders have it harder.

why do most people think that an ugly, fat, or physically unattractive girl is going to have a much harder time getting a date or boyfriend than a fat, ugly, or physically unattractive guy is going to getting a date or a girlfriend, why?
I think it's debatable as to which gender is more shallow and picky about looks, appearances, I think both genders are just as visual.
So why do a majority of people think that guys are more visual than girls are?
I think girls are just as shallow as guys are, if not more.
That's because the list of qualities that girls want in a guy is way higher than the list of qualities that guys want in a girl. Girls want the whole package, while guys want half the package.
Why is it harder for ugly, physically unattractive girls than it is for ugly, physically unattractive guys?
I still think its debatable that ugly girls have it harder than ugly guys.
why do ugly girls have it harder like many people claim?
Girls are just as shallow as Guys are, if not more.
so why?


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  • I used to be an ugly girl and while I agree both genders have it hard, ugly women have it way worse. In society we primarily judge women by appearances. Men are judged by their appearances too, but also by their personalities, money, status, humor, etc. If a woman is ugly she could have the coolest personality in the world, be rich, funny - she is still gonna be that ugly chick.

    Guys are more visual than girls. A rich millionaire will marry an uneducated Vegas showgirl just because she's hot, but a rich woman is not just going to marry a young and hot guy.

    I've seen pretty girls date ugly guys if they have something else going for them, but never seen a hot guy date ugly girls (at least not in public).

    Also if you are looking at the most gorgeous hot girls and using them for your argument that's a fail. Yes they are shallow and picky for guys looks but that's because they CAN be. If a girl is a 10 she's not gonna want an ugly guy unless he has some outstanding quality. There are girls out there that don't demand you be a hot rugby player but at the same time you can't expect her to look like a Victoria's Secret model either.

    • So you think without a doubt guy's are more visual than girls are?

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    • Wait in what way do you go from ugly to pretty ?

    • I lost weight, improved my skin, started dressing better and wear hair extensions

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  • Whoever thinks that is shallow and ignorant to the fact that looks don't exactly define who you are, your personality has basicallly 98% to do with it .There are girls who are not so attractive but have hot ass boyfriends, why? Because at the end of the day thier guys think thier girl is beautiful inside and out.If a girl is drop dead gorgeous and has a bad ass personlaity obviously not a lot of guys are going to like her, no matter how hot she is, you know wut I mean?

    • You're right. but that's when a girl appeals to a guy's inner "hopeless romantic idealized perfect love/relationship" fantasy. if she does that, to him, he's the most gorgeous girl in the world.

    • Then why does society, or do a lot of people say that ugly girls have it harder than ugly guys do?

    • Look, as much as you probably don't belive me.There are some cute guys in the world who really don't care about looks.They care about the inside. I know of couples where the man is frankly a lot better looking then the women(other peoples words, not mine) but he thinks of her as gorgeous and beautiful.

  • Those beliefs probably stem from personally witnessing an unattractive guy get an attractive girl far more often than they have seen an unattractive girl with an attractive boy. I know people who always point out how "pretty girls are always dating ugly guys." I personally know girls who will give guys a second chance if they're really funny or have a fun personality. On the other hand I know guys who get blown away by how a girl looks, so they associate these feelings into the girl's personality regardless of whether or not she has a great personality. Yet there are girls who only consider looks and will not date someone who "looks like a loser/creep." Guys are more likely to be called a creep than a girl is.

    • So girls are more into personality than guys are?

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  • It boils down to the age-old addage:

    "Can Oprah have sex with a hot supermodel? Can Donald Trump have sex with a hot supermodel?"


    Oprah: no

    Trump: yes; not just one, but two, and three, and four..

    And the tragedy is, if Oprah woke up with Trump's money, she would jump off a building and kill herself. She's worth more than him, and yet has less sexual options than he does.


    Because people have only TWO primary motivations for doing anything in life; including sex and relationships. Wants & Needs. That is to say, the actions of both men and women are either motivated by desire, necessity; or both.

    Men are rather simple creatures. They have very few desires, and they're all rather weak. On the flip side, they're more adept at securing resources to satisfy any desire or need they have. Very few men, if any, are motivated to have sex or enter into a relationship with a woman because of necessity (the need to feel safe, protected, and financially secure & stable). The ONLY motivation men have to seek women for sex or a relationship is purely because that woman appealed to his desires, either emotional, sexual, or both.

    On the other hand, women are slightly more interesting. Unlike men, in addition to being motivated to have sex or enter into a relationship with a man due to desire, women are also motivated to do both of those things due to necessity. This means that if a man doesn't appeal to a woman's inner vixen, he can still appeal to her inner prostitute. Women can't do the same with men. Which is why Oprah can't get laid by the top 1% of sexually attractive men, while the Donald has no problem nailing and dumping the top 1% of sexually attractive women one after the other like they're on sale; because they are.

    Of course, this isn't exactly something too many women would openly admit. That's like a guy walking around the street with the exact measurements of his penis on display. It's embarassing and would make anyone feel ashamed. So it's natural to expect denial. In fact, denial is necessary. If a girl can't deny this to herself, she would constantly feel like a prostitute. Since this cannot be, there's an elaborate system of "definitions of convinience" set up to "reframe" their interaction with men, so they can deny the motivation due to necessity to themselves, and instead justify such actions as "moral"

    This is great news for men; which is why men who catch on, support it. Ever notice how great-looking guys are more likely to call girls "wh0res", while less attractive guys revert to the whole "chivalry" & "gentleman" frame? It's rather simple:

    - If you're sexy, you can appeal to her inner vixen

    - If you have status & you're powerful, her inner prostitute

    which means; if you're a guy and you're ugly, you still have a shot! if you're ugly AND a loser; sorry, you're screwed. but if you're a girl and you're ugly; there are no second changes, you're screwed.

    So girls have it harder hands down..

    • So true.

    • So you feel there is enough evidence to support this?

    • I still think any gender has it harder if they are ugly, if you are a guy or girl, both have it hard.

  • Well girls are much more likely to go for types of guys money or wit sum the tough guy you don't need looks for dis. But girls are big into looking after them self's wearin make ect. men are more individual .

    • I think girls are just as shallow and picky about looks, because why do they always date guys who are football players or in the marines?

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    • Cause men are horny bastards tats why

    • Do you think men will bang anything with a vagina?