How do I know if clothes are too old for me?

I have a hard time finding dressy clothes that are my age because i'm curvy and tall. So I end up looking in the misses' section and women's section. Sometimes their too big in certain areas and snug on others. What's the best way to know? My parents give me a hard time and don't let me buy dresses above my knees so I can't go by them.

  • Imagine a older person wearing it. If it works, then it's too old
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  • Who cares. Pick what looks good
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  • Wear what your parents say u can (grrr :))
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  • Who cares? Not me! If you like it, you shouldn't, either. Unless you see a 60 year old wearing it...

    • Yeah.. a 40 year old did. I wore a 0 and she wore a 14 but still. Sometimes I hate being curvy...

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    • lol it sounds like it is

    • Oh, yes

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