Calling all people with hard to care for curly hair!!!

I have heard that you are not supposed to brush curly hair because it damages it and that the best tool against the tangles is a large tooth comb. I have tried both methods, and honestly, the brush is much faster and the amount of hair left in either tool afterward is about the same (maybe a little more in the brush). I have also heard that it is bad for your hair to brush it when wet - while others say it is worse to brush when dry. I ONLY brush my hair when it is wet and has a lot of conditioner in it because tangles come out easier. If I don't have time for this I use a leave in conditioner and children's detangler.

I really want to do what is best for my hair - I'm growing it out for locks of love and want to be able to give as much viable hair as possible :) Any advice on how to care for curly hair and reduce the amount of damage to it would be amazing (I already do not straighten/dye/go out in the sun without leave in conditioner/use hair dryers etc., I'm really looking more for brushing advice :D)

BTW - My hair is type 3a: link

Very similar to Nicole Kidman's curlier hair styles.

Also - if any one with curly hair would like to share what products they use and what they do to care for their crazy curls I'd love to hear :D


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  • When you brush your hair while it's wet, you should use a brush with soft bristles. If it has plastic bristles, it damages your hair. And people with curly hair are better off brushing their hair when it's wet because brushing it while dry is more likely to make it frizzy.

    • I find that bristled brushes are not really able to go through my hair (it is pretty thick... four inches around in a pony tail). I use the plastic "ouchless" brush - with large plastic prongs and nubs at the ends - are these still detrimental?

    • Have you ever tried a boar bristle paddle brush?

      Plastic bristles break your hair when it's wet. They're really not even that good when your hair is dry. People use them because they go through the hair more easily and get rid of more tangles, but they kind of overdo it.

  • Deep condition every once and a while. I brush my hair when it is wet, but I make sure that the water is cold, warm water generally opens the pores and you'll end up brushing out more hair than you should. Then I use that moose gel for curly hair, I think it works the best because it doesn't make the hair all hard and stiff. By the way, My hair is 2 feet long and I'm also planing on donating it! Good Luck!

    • You go girl! My hair is about your length as well :) I have another year to go before I want to donate :D

      Already donated a total of 2 feet. I think I'll keep donating even until old age. +1

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