Will the stylist turn me down?

So I have dyed blonde hair, (my natural colour is light brown) which I maintain myself using box dye ( yes awful I know) I have not gotten a hair cut in a long time, and I have not gotten highlights in over 5 years. (Since I was a student and paying for everything out of my own pocket.)

I have some small breakage at the crown of my head from dying my roots, but since then I have cut down and applied a " no heat rule" so I never use heat on my hair and have been doing that for quite sometime.

I use Joico K pak shampoo & conditioner & reconstructor.

I am terrified to go to the salon because I think they are really going to give me the smack down about haircare.

I want to get a cut and half blonde highlights


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  • Just tell them you didn't know. No harm. their job is to serve you so they won't criticize you for making poor hair choices.

  • she won't turn you down but she might give u a smackdown i get one everytime i go haha

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