Hair problem!! Please help? It won't stay wavy?

I am black American and have Type 3 hair 3B/3C (wavy hair) I dont have hair like biracial girls hair but when my hair is in its natural state it is first wavy all the way down my back and then thats when the shrinkage comes and it poofs up (frizz) and some if my hair straightens out on its on when it air dries. How can i keep my hair wavy? I tried doing a twist out but the shrinkage of it is just crazy my hair goes half way down my back but because of the shrinkage it goes to my shoulders and a little bit below them. What can i do to maintain my hair in its natural state?


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  • I have the same hair and you how style just have to accept the shrinkage.
    But I suggest things like the LOC method to help with definition plus hair stretching to keep some length

    • What is the LOC Method? And is there a way to get rid of the shrinkage?

    • The loc method is a styling method we're it goes liquid (water based hair product), oil, then finally cream.
      Also hair stretching, you can find videos on YouTube because I don't know how to explain it

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  • Water + Cantu shea butter. Your hair will thank you.