Dose this mean anything?

my guy friend has trouble making eye contact with me does this mean he doesn't like me or dose like me or is totally irrelevant guys I need you help!


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  • For a lot of people, looking into someones eyes is like bearing everything to the other person. What may be going through his mind when he looks into your eyes directly is "oh sh*t, she can see straight into every nook and cranny of my soul". It scares the snot out of some people. It doesn't mean that he doesn't like you, maybe that he's not ready to give you his heart in it's entirety. I hope this makes sense. Give him time.


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  • He probably likes you but doesn't want you to think he is the "wierd staring guy" He's probably too shy to do anything about it. Talk to him about a guy you like and watch his reaction. If he immediately starts pointing out that guy's flaws...he likes you.


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