Why do guys like to see girls all dressed up?

personally I hate dresses. I feel soo weird in them but like I am going to homecoming this week end and I am like omg I have to wear a dress. And all my guy friends are like why are you complaining I LOVE a girl in a dress and you look beautiful in them.

But I don't think I do and they all say I do. And then they are all liike I love when a girl dresses up they look soo hott and sexy.. And I am just wondering why they like girls when they are all dressed up, why not when they are in like jeans and a tank top...?


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  • I would say, I do think it can be very flattering to a girls appearance if they are dressed up. But at the same time a lot of girls have told me they like when guys dress fairly nicely as well. It goes both ways a lot of the time (Not always.)

    That said, jeans and a tank top can be very attractive too. I personally like when a girl dresses a little out of the "norm" and wears what they want.

    For things like homecoming dances/prom etc. I think the dress up thing is more in tradition and being "proper" than "who can look the sexiest".


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  • quite frankly, dresses are more revealing, while also leaving something important to the imagination. and they look fancy and that is exciting sometimes. personally I find a tight top and tight jeans much more attractive, but I also understand the lure of the dress look.

    some guys like the effort that girls put into their looks too I think, but I don't.

  • Because guys want to see their girl friends look gorgeous, they feel awesome about having such a beautiful girl with them. Kind of the same way girls want their guys to look good when they are with them.


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  • Not all guys like girls all dressed up . some do

    because it makes them look more sexier

    & grown up . if you don't feel comfortable wearing

    a dress then don't . if you know guys like you

    when you wear a dress than why not wear a dress

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