What's the difference between hot and beautiful?

This guy I know as an acquaintance called me beautiful, and another girl hot. Why did he deny me and go for the girl he called hot? I thought beautiful was much better.


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  • Beautiful - A very attractive FRIEND

    Hot - A very attractive STRANGER

    Your right, beautiful is much better than "hot". Girls that are hot can sometimes be interested in other things, and really bring down a man's self-esteem. He would chase this other girl because he doesn't know you are interested in him as a "date" because you two are categorized in the friend zone. To get past that, you need to escape the touch barrier- and interact with them on a more flirty and physical level.

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  • Beautiful is better!

    Maybe she puts out?

    Human relationships are complex. There's no telling any reason why you're left at the starting gate. You might want to think that you're the fortunate on. I'll lay odds that the 'hot' girl has her hands full.

    I'd like to be friends so we can chat and message. Will you send me a friend request?


  • Hot' girls come over as easier to get. Beauty can inspire respect (often because beautiful girls are or look self assured and carry a reputation of being hard to get.

    His choice was the easy choice.

  • You cannot call a girl hot if she is pretty religious with more clothed dress.

    You can call a girl a beatiful if you look more towards her eyes and face rather than peering the body.

    Beauty:Mind, Face and eyes

    Hot:Body and clothing.


  • Hot: I want to f*** you

    Beautiful: I want to love you

    • I met lot's of really beautyful girls I wouldn't like to love. Beauty is a question of body and face proportions and harmony. It doesn't say anything about their (eventually rotten) personality

    • Well, that's my definition. Thanks for your input.

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  • Lol, you wanted people to say he went for the hot girl because hot girls are easier. And he was intimidated by you. Just because someone calls you beautiful doesn't mean he wants to date you.

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