When I get ready to talk to a girl, and make eye contact....

why does their face always change to an awful frown? Most of them I'm not even hitting on them, just asking a simple question and they get all frowny (nowhere close to a smile). Do I come across as aggressive or something?

This has nothing at all to do with dating, because this happens with almost all women out there when I get ready to talk.

BTW I naturally don't smile, my face is ALWAYS a poker face, so does this scare them or something?


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  • It might seem strange if you're expressionless. If it was me, I'd be a bit confused. When a guy I like talks to me I usually get this really weird expression on my face. Partually because the guy I used to really like was really strange. My expression was always along the lines of O.o...

    You probably aren't agressive, perhaps you have a weird effect on girls. Maybe the way you look? Maybe your questions are confusing, or maybe they're confused on why you're talking to them. From what you said, you don't seem to talk to girls and have a conversations with them a lot, so maybe they're wondering why you're talking to them all of a sudden.

    I can't actually answer this question because I don't know you in person, I'm just giving you an idea of sorts. :S Might not be accurate, but hopefully this'll help you a bit.

  • Yeah you should smile. If you make eye contact with them and give them a poker face it likely makes them very uncomfortable. They probably think you're looking at them in a bad way which is why they frown at you in return.


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