She's immature what do I do?

I have this friend. We see each other in school every other day. We've been friends for maybe 4 or 5 weeks. And she's 19 and 17, but she's so immature! I mean from the way she dresses to the way she acts. Like when I'm talking to someone, whether it's a guy or girl. She'll jump in and start making jokes that aren't funny. Or making singing cartoon songs such as sesame street or Elmo or Kim possible. While we're trying to talk. Or she'll keep doing stupid stuff while we're trying to talk or do our work. And she want to play all the time. She acts like she's 13 or 14. And the way she dresses is the same. Except they look more like boys clothes.(She says she only dresses that way in school because there's no one she's tryna impress there.) Also she has low self esteem of her appearance. She's really energetic too! I know I can

't change the way she dresses but I want to know how make her stop acting that way all the time because it's annoying and rude and she not a kid. But don't want to do it/say it in a mean or offensive way, but I want to get still effectively get my point across. Because she's a nice person I just don't like those parts about her. HELP! Please and thank you.

I tried to drop her a hint at first, but she didn't seem to get it. Then she did something that made me a little kicked off at her and I told her and she said I was mean and then kept doing stupid stuff. She kicking me off & other people around her.
What should I do now? I know I can't control behavior especial toward other people. But how do I make her stop what's she's doing toward me?


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  • Step 1 :: Communicate why it bothers you

    Step 2 :: Come to a decision mutually

    Step 3 :: Help her achieve that decision by reminding her of her progress and relapses.

    I would like people giving opinions about how I act, dress, etc. Some women take it offensively but constructive critisism, in no way is it "rude" or offensive.

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    Just something to think about:

    You shouldn't need to change your friends, if she bothers you that much- consider the downfall by approaching her with this information and her rejecting you as a friend. She may like acting like a childish kid sometimes and feels that she doesn't need to change.

    • True she may. But what the about the part where she's rude?

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    • K, I'll give it a try.

    • =) Let me know how it goes, ill work with you more after you try it

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