I feel really bad, should I apologise to him?

Okay long story short, this guy I know confessed his feelings for me yesterday evening, I do like him, but I was scared to give him a straight answer, which he was picking up on. Anyway I eventually awkwardly told him I like him and he was happy, but I then didn't say anything back.

Then a couple of hours later I was in a bar with someone friends and he walks in with his friends. I had a lot going on (other personal reasons) and I kinda ignored him for the night and didn't acknowledge him, despite the fact that he and his friends were looking at me every few seconds from across the bar. They eventually left.

I am really confused because I do honestly like him, but I like another guy as well and I don't know what to do or what to say. I really don't want to hurt his feelings :(


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  • The truth is always best. It will hurt at the time, but a rejection is much easier to handle than being strung along. Just tell him you're not feeling it.

    • thata the problem, I am feeling it, im so confused at the moment!

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    • I know, I ignored him cos im socially awkward about these things and I didn't want to have to go up to him infront of all his friends

    • What you did was diss him and reject him in front of his friends; intentional or not. So you obviously would rather embarrass him than feel a few awkward moments for yourself. You can try apologizing and explaining things to him, but whether or not he forgives you is up to him.

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  • maybe you should tell him that you reallylke him but you're kind of caughtin between two, so he can decide if he wants to wait or not

  • Sort your feelings out first

    • I know, I really need to :(