High tops or regular shoes?

What do you think looks better on a guy high tops or regular shoes and is it really true that you can tell a lot about a guy by what type of shoes he wears?

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  • High tops are for childern in the 80's...
    And only for them.

    That time has long since passed.


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  • Although I agree it's what's inside that counts most, I think that people try to put what's inside on the outside. The way a person chooses to present themselves to the world does say something about them.

    Having said that, I'd never be shallow enough to go by that alone. I always get to know someone before I make any final decisions about them.

  • I honestly don't even care what shoes a guy wears. If he wears expensive shoes, he probably just think he looks cool in them. You can't read a person's soul just by their shoes. That's rude and its what is on the inside that counts.

  • I like converse, and can't stand high tops.


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