For the guys: have you ever worn lingerie? For the girls: have you ever worn a jockstrap?

Have any of you ever tried or worn them for any reason?

need lots more comments


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  • I have never worn a jockstrap. What is the point?

    • just to try it. I see your point I just know some have

    • oh, I see. I understand that jockstraps are fore support for guys. I don't have anything to support there:)

    • Well I know that

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  • I've tried on thongs. Like the feeling in my hard on. Usally kinda small but enough to get my boner in them once on.
    I like rubbing them on my Penis and squirting in the crotch of them.
    Have taken vids to show girlfriend or send to her. She goes wild. It turns her on knowing seeing me fill her panties with cum while she's at work.
    I kinda have a pantie fetish. Been on many pantie raids. Take dirty ones from friends sisters , wives and neibours dirty laundry hampers to sniff and rub on my boner.
    A woman's scent is stimulating !!!

    • Okay then

    • You must off gone years back to find this

    • To find this question. It just came up

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