Why am I still single if I'm considered cute by girls?

I can't understand why I'm still single if girls think that I am cute? I've never been in a serious relationship. In addition, most of the girls that I've been with were not interested in anything more than a one night stand.


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  • to us girls, some guys are the BOYFRIEND material. some are not. may be as seen by girls, you are too happy go lucky, or maybe you are NOT happy go lucky... there might be various factors to it. girls don't just look for CUTENESS in a guy. there are hell lotta other aspects too. better ask yourself, or any girl you have dated, maybe even for a day, about the factors where you lack. I bet she will be more than happy to give you an answer to that. and just knowing the flaws ain't enough. you gotta work on them too! good luck :)


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