How is a guy like me supposed to get a girl?

I am shy and introverted. Very average looking, even though there are probably some girls that think I'm butt ugly, depending upon their type.

What can I do? I feel so sorry for myself.

I don't even walk with my head up anymore, or make eye contact with women walking by, because they won't notice me anyway.


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  • Hey man, I really understand what you're experiencing. Check out this article:


    And in addition to the advice in that article, work on expanding your social circle. (If you're shy and introverted like me, check this out: link and link -- these sites are a big-time help.) If you don't have hobbies, try out different things until you stumble upon something enjoyable, and keep at it, using it as a means to get out and build a social life around it. (Check out link for a good place to start). When you work on your social life, you'll have more and more opportunities to meet girls. And when you're a little bit happier (because you're enjoying your hobbies and interests, getting out there with people and starting to feel a little less lonely), women will pick up on that and will be more likely to be attracted to you.

    Walk with your head up--it's not about the women noticing you or not, it's about you being a man among other men, having the same right as any other human being on the planet to be here and seek happiness. (And here's a secret: the right woman will be attracted to that attitude.)

    Finally, don't do like me and get into the bad habit of staying online, asking questions and reading all this advice. It's great to get some theory in your head, but it becomes meaningless unless it's put into practice. You have to just shut the computer off and get out there, as uncomfortable/painful as it may be, and make yourself meet new people. It's hard at first, but totally worth it. Good luck man.


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  • just be ur self.. and be as sweet as you can


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  • I never made/make eye contact with ANYONE. I fix my eyes on the farthest possible point in front of me (not a person) and use my peripheral vision to navigate. Basically makes it so I'm looking straight through everyone. Not really because I think I'm unattractive, more just because I suck ass at dealing with social situations and the best way to avoid them is not to look at anyone. Looking down being bad for your posture, I still walk with my head up, but I don't look at anyone. -_-.

  • Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I've felt very much the same way many times before. Don't ever feel sorry for yourself. I may sound like an a-hole but here it goes. I realized that if I am ugly then there is nothing I can do about it. The key is self confidence. You need to know that. In the end it doesn't matter whether you bagged all the hot girls or if you get the one everybody wants; all that matters is YOU. Don't EVER feel sorry for yourself; that is where it all goes to hell. I know I sound like a prick but that is the way I think: the situation is what the situation is; you either can adjust to it and overcome or you can give in and take it like a pornstar. I know that you will find a woman who will take you as you are; I know that for a fact. Just be confident and always move with a sense of purpose. Good luck, Dude.