What to wear to an interview for a lab position?

So I just got offered an interview for a summer job as a research assistant in a lab and I was wondering what I should be wearing.

Part of me wants to go in a suit and a shirt with no tie (or maybe even with a tie) but then the other part of me is afraid that it might be too much for a summer job.

Also, I have a date 2 hours after the interview and I'm not 100% sure I will have enough time to go home and change (buses are every 30 minutes on weekends)

I am ideally looking for something that I can wear to both a coffee date and to a job interview.

I was thinking brown suede-ish captoes and maroon button down shirt tucked into a pair of khakis (I have a pair that is darker and one that is off-white - not sure which one to go with)


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  • Halloween costume : Mad scientist.
    Well this student helper for the labs on station here (Farm) supposedly had some crazy sexy skirt and got all dolled up, aftererwards she wore sweatpants n shit because it's a job.
    Shit man get a car, I don't know I wouldn't wear a suit to any interview that didn't require one, but I just wear normal clothes to all of them.