Women now adays, Do you accept guys with Wrinkles and rough Skin OR do you prefer guys with soft smooth and well cared skin?

Some of us have wrinkled skin , rough skin (and i'm talking guys under 40). We don't do all the cosmetic things that the current generation of KPOP wanna be guys do.

Do Women nowadays prefer guys who look pretty and have flawless skin and even wear makeup like KPOP guys?


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  • Hello :)
    I find that men above 35 years old, are super sexy with wrinkles! Think of David Beckham, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Downy Jr, Johnny Depp. Their wrinkles are what give them charm. They give them this smoldering, wise look. A mature look, and a lot of women look for these in a man.

    So yes, I do find that wrinkles on a man look good. Rough skin can also be sexy, but a clean cut can be nice from time to time :)

    Hope I helped :) - B x


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  • Soft skin is nice, but I don't mind.
    It's nice to see wrinkles, or laughter lines whatever.
    It's a sign that person has lived :)

  • It doesn't metter as long as you take care of yourself


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