The sweetest thing the opposite sex has done for you...

For me, it is some what a toss up. My husband has been there for me a number of occasions, but two really sweet things stick out. Once was after a car accident we had - despite his concussion - he took care of me. He helped me get dressed, he helped me get on and off the toilet, he helped me bathe. It was just... sweet. The other thing he does to this day, is sometimes brush my hair for me when it is being especially aggravating or when I am just too tired to put up with it. I love it when he brushes my hair :)

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  • There are girls out there whose mere existence is enough to affect me. So I will go with being born and then not killing themselves.


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  • one of my ex's after her and I got into a fight she made a book that had stuff in it to go along with a story she wrote in the book for me to take her back. it was really cheesy but it was great I loved it and still think about that book to this day even tho it was done over 6 years ago.

  • A complete and random total stranger, on this very site actually, once asked me if I was happy. I didn't have a clue as to why, so I asked why it was of so much importance to her. She told me

    that 'I want you to be.' It was just something so overwhelmingly sweet for a total stranger to care so much about another's happiness.


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