Ombre hair? My first weave?

So next week I'm getting my very first weave in. I'm excited and scared all at once. I'm buying my hair extensions off my friend's hair website (I will give out if you want! My sister buys from her to its great quality hair 👌😊). I'm getting a bundle deal (20", 22", & 24") that's $210.00! Its Brazilian hair by the way... My question is should I ombre the hair? I want a purple to red ombre. But then again I'm not sure. Also, has anyone ever had a bad weave experience? Do sew ins hurt?


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  • If you are buying hair that expensive why die it? D: If it is a full sew-in, you may get a headache from if you aren't use to the pressure. Otherwise, just make sure they do it in a way that protects your edges. Sure send me her site, it's always fun to look


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