Is "Splat" a good brand of hair dye?

I want to purchase Splat for my hair. I read a lot of comments and seen people on YouTube do reviews but I figured I needed my fellow GaGers opinions instead 😁😊 I am aware it comes with hair bleach to lift dark hair so it can take. I am also aware its semipermanent. What I need to know is... Is it worth the buy, does the brand have good quality, and were you satisfied with the results?

  • Yes. Splat is a good brand.
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  • No. Splat isn't worth the buy.
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  • I've never used splat.
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  • I've used Splat but I have a better dye in mine. (please share 😊)
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  • Try manic panic. It did good for my dark hair and I didn't even have to bleach it.

    • @PrettyBama I've heard of that too. Where do you get it from thou. I didn't see it in WalMart or Walgreen's.

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    • What color did you dye it? I want to dye mine.

    • I did vampire red. It showed up really good. Which is rare for AA hair.

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  • judging by the name... hm... i wouldn't suggest it :-P


What Girls Said 3

  • I haven't used it but I've heard both sides. My suggestion would be to use ion or I've heard manic panic works well too. I know ion works from experience though

  • I have never heard of it.

  • Killed my ends and faded quickly