How can I dress? (short & chubby!)

I'm short and a little chubby.. (I'm in a diet..) but how can I dress so I don't look shorter or chubbier? thanks!


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  • The usual:


    So: draw attention away from your less-than-perfect areas by keeping them a little low-key, while drawing attention towards your better areas. For example: choose an awesome hairstyle (shorter hair (neck-length) and updos tend to do well), contrast your eye colour with some eye-liner (or whatever the stuff's called... I'm a guy, for goodness' sake! O_o) (example: you have brown eyes. Accentuate it by drawing some bright blue around it. If you have bright blue eyes, accentuate it by adding blue accessories or clothing).

    Also: don't wear tank tops or mini skirts... That's logical, isn't it? ;p

    -Vertical stripes. (repeat after me: NO HORIZONTAL STRIPES EVER!)

    -Black, or any monochromatic darker look that MATCHES well with your skin colour. Also try to avoid prints or patterns (especially pleats). They MAY make you seem chubbier. (tip: as far as colour is concerned, try dark navy, or dark violet)

    -High heels (doh! ;p)

    -DON'T EVER WEAR CLOTHES THAT ARE TIGHT! Do choose 'fitting clothes', but NO tightness (nor baggy, undefined clothes, for that matter... You'll look like a garbage bag O_o)

    -Choose MEDIUM sized accessories. Don't wear FAT belts. Also, make sure that you don't wear necklaces that are too clunky or heavy, or too short (this will accentuate your (probably) chubby neck ('cause remember the first rule: accentuate the positive, not the negative ;p)) Also be sure not to wear too fine a accessories. They'll accentuate your chubbyness even more.

    -Do NOT "split up your body". That is: don't keep the two halves of your body (underneath waist and above waist) separate, but try to make one WHOLE. It's difficult to explain. Think of it in this way: where "splitting up your body" is wearing pants and a tucked-in shirt, creating a whole look is wearing a dress. See what I mean? ;p So try wearing a LONGER blouse or vest, for example.

    -Stay away from heavier, bulkier kinds of fabrics, and choose soft, "silky" kinds of garnments. (imagine yourself in an awesome darkish purple silky long blouse! ;) ...)

    -Try pants with some flared hems.

    -Try a v-neck shirt.

    Right... That's enough for now... Hope you got enough info out of this ^^

    Have a nice day!


    • Thank you soo much! :D

    • Wow your hella good. I was gunna make a list to this girl but you did it already. Nice. Only thing I might be disagreeing with you is the flared hems, as I can mainly see them for those whoe want to accentuate the length of their legs. But then again, if you can pull it off (which isn't that THAT common), its totally acceptable.

    • No problem... Else I wouldn't be here, would I? XD

      So have you got a style or outfit in mind already? ^^


      Yeah... That could very well be... In my experience, though, I've noticed myself that flared hems actually stood very good on more chubby folks... Then again.. Maybe that's just my own preference or perception ;p

      And thanks for the compliment also, of course ;p.

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  • Be yourself, you might be short (cute) and chubby, but that's who you are! Don't go to attract males with your body as I feel (not to be rude) that the body is a shell that houses the real you, commonly called your heart - a heart is physical but it keeps us alive, looking at what a heart and that term means reallt is something liek this; your personaility, the connection between you/him/her and the love (not sex becasue sex is meaningless). Just be yourself, people might call you fat, and be rude to you, but your size doesn't ever matter, what matters is your heart, your true self is hidden for that special someone inside you...the body just houses it to keep idiots away.

    • That's really nice.. thank you.. :D

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  • I worked as a personal fashion consultant for years and have experiance dressing your type. When it comes to jeans you want to make sure that you go for a darker wash. Preferably something with stretch. You want to make sure that they are fitted with with a flair or boot cut bottom. I like the Tilt brand at Pacific Sunwear. As for skirts you want to make sure that it always hit you below the knee or goes to the floor. This will help elongate your legs. When it comes to shirts always go for something that will hit you at the hips. Wrap shirts are great because the pull your belly in and helps create a more hourglass figure. You always want to make sure that you look classy and sphisticated. That means making sure that your tops are not too low cut and if they are make sure to pair it with a cute matching spaghetti strap cami underneath. You always want to make sure that you are in balance. That means if you are going to wear loose flowy gouchos then you want to wear a more form fitting top. And the same goes the other way around. If you are going to wear a cute loose flowing top then you need to make sure to pair it with form fitting parts. When it comes to dresses I kind of like the long ones that have recently been in style. Fun for daytime things and going out at night. For your type I like the halter neckline a lot. I would probably stay away from spaghetti strapped necklines in certain tops and dresses because sometimes they can make your shoulders look too broad. Just uses your judgement case by case. Also layers are great. Especially for the season we are in. A great pair of jeans with a long (to the hips) cami underneath a cute polo or long sleeved shirt underneath a fitted tee helps create different textures and stuff. If you need more help or examples let me know.

    • Thanx! great adviice! :D

  • try dark coloured clothing and have something that contours your body . add some length and that should help

  • i work in a clothing store and help people all the time. do not wear pattern all over the place. and do not wear shirts that are longer than the waist of your pants. wear "skinny" jeans or straight leg so a flowy pant leg is not over whelming don't wear anything tight so you can be more comfortable. try an interesting neck line to move the focus up to your face. you can even try a funky hair style or popping jewlery to take some focus off your body until you are satisfied!

  • Don't wear clothes too loose and don't wear clothes too tight--Nothing is nastier than a girl with a tight t-shirt on with ROLLS. LMAO. Just wear clothes that fit you well...and layers can go a long way and make you look great. Good Luck =)

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