Right fitting bra?

How tight should the should straps be on a bra? How about the band?


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  • Here is a great site that shows how to correctly fit a bra. https://www.breakoutbras.com/sizing

    The band should be parallel to the ground and not ride up in the back or squeeze uncomfortably. It should not move if you do any activity like jump or raise your arms.

    The straps should have a light tension but not dig in. Most of the support comes from the band not the straps. The bra should not fall down if the straps are slipped off.

    The underwire should be directly in the fold under the breast. The underside of the breast should be supported in the cup and not touching skin. The wire should lay flat against teh body all the way around and not rest on breast tissue in the front or sides.

    The gore (piece between the cups) should be flat against the chest, not lifted away from the body. It should not poke or be uncomfortable.


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  • it should feel like it's on your shoulders but not so much that it pinches your fat

  • Get a professional fitting


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