What IS Your Type?

I hear so much that "she's not really my type"

so what IS your type?

  • Girly-girl, very feminine, scared of spiders, always giggling,etc.
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  • Tomboy-doesn't own a dress, plays more sports than you can count, one-of-the-guys
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  • In-between: can play sports, strong, but also feminine and sweet
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  • Other(please explain) or different qualities (blonde/brunette; short/tall,etc.) -also explain.
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  • I'm a girl and I am curious!
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  • Someone who can carry on an intelligent conversation. Hair color, body type, clothes, make-up... all these are not important, though girls would like to think they are. It's easier to 'fix' externals up, but it's what's inside that counts.

    That said, dirt, smell, other cleanliness issues are show-stoppers.



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  • Everyone's type is the same: someone who has nothing wrong with them, physically, or emotionally. Once this is satisfied they just can't be boring.

  • intelligent, cultivated, funny, kind girls.

  • Intelligent, cultured, well-educated (not necessarily at school) , compassionate, warm, considerate, generous, sensual, passionate and loves sex... that's my type!

  • i like a girl in between, a girl who has some style and can be tom boyish at times and ain't afraid to get dirty, play sports, and videogames

    as for qualities I like girls who are mature, outgoing, smart, funny, knows what she was and doesn't play silly mind games, not afraid to show that she loves me in public like kissing in public and hugging

  • I like girly girls for dating but tom boys can be pretty good friends.


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