Some questions about going braless?

1. Do you go braless?
2. What size breasts do you have?
3. What type of tops do you go braless with?
4. Do your breasts sag much?
5. Do you get pokies and if so, what do you do about it?
6. How do you cope with the jiggling?
I would like to start going braless but want to know what other girl's experiences are like with it.


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  • 1. Yes, pretty often.
    2. Depending on where I shop, usually somewhere around 36B.
    3. Whatever tops my boobs look good in. If the shirt fits weird, then I'll just wear a lace bralet, but if I need more support, I'll wear a regular bra.
    4. Only if I slouch a lot lol but that's normal for every girl.
    5. I have long hair so I'll just let my hair cover them or if I have to wear my hair up, I'll get some pasties.
    6. My boobs aren't that big that the jiggling affects me in my day to day life. The only time it's uncomfortable is if I'm running, jumping, and working out. I never workout without a bra, so it's not an issue.

    Going braless is the best, but if we're being real, it's not a luxury that women with really large breasts can do. My friend who's a 36DD can only go braless when she wears big sweaters, because it's the only thing that doesn't make it super obvious that she isn't wearing a bra. She can't really go braless because she finds the jiggle and the bouncing too uncomfortable. She did find a lace bralet from Victoria's Secret that finally works for her though! It looks super cute and it's really comfortable, she wears it like all the time now lol.


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  • 1. yes
    2. A maybe
    3. i wear t-shirts at spring/summertime
    4. yes i suppose since i have gynecomastia after losing lots of weight
    5. everyone gets :-P
    6. they dont jiggle


  • 1. yeah im braless everyday.
    2. probably like 44AA?
    3. i like to wear t-shirts when braless
    4. no, I've lost a lot of weight so they're pretty pert now.
    5. pokies? hard nipples? yeah sometimes, i tend not to worry about it, but people do comment sometimes.
    6. I just let them be, why fight it?

    yeah, im bored right now :p

  • 1. All the time
    2. Never measured but they seem to be AA size
    3. With any kind of tops
    4. Luckily they haven't become to sag yet
    5. No comment
    6. I just suck it up

  • This question would be very informative and educational with visual examples.

  • No.
    I never do.
    I don't.
    I walk instead of run some days.

  • IF you are going to go braless, dont wear a tight shirt unless u want your nips showing through them. I would say make it black so its harder to see if they are but not like really thin clothing, make sure its like thicker


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  • 1. I sometimes go braless. With a slightly baggier short or with a dress, I do usually go without a bra, but I'll wear one with a tight shirt.
    2. 36 B.
    3. Ah, I answered this. Again, baggier clothing.
    4. No, I'm still quite young and with them being as small as they are, they don't sag just yet.
    5. Sometimes but I don't care. It's a reaction to friction or cold, to me it's just kind of like if the hair on my arms rises or I shiver, it doesn't really embarrass me much. I was at a bonfire at my boyfriend's house and his younger (15) brother was there and I was in a baggy men's shirt for my pajamas without a bra and it got cold and my nipples were noticeable and he did give me a little heads up but all of us there knew that I wasn't going to be embarrassed about something as small as that so we just carried on.
    6. I cope with the jiggling by rocking it. It looks pretty good and they don't jiggle that much anyway.

  • 1. Yes, almost always
    2. 32B
    3. Sweaters, halter tops, tank tops, dresses, t-shirts, whatever.
    4. No, just a little, not so much to where I need any support.
    5. Yes, it used to bother me but now I don't care, whoever sees them probably has nipples themselves anyway.
    6. Again, it's not a big deal since my boobs are small, however much it does happen, it's whatever, I don't go jogging on stairs or anything.

  • 1. Yes, always at home, sometimes out.
    2. 34C
    3. T shirts of all types including spagetti strap, some summer dresses.
    4. Maybe just a touch, but they are still very pert.
    5. Sometimes, but I don't worry about it.
    6. I am used to it and don't pay any attention to it.

  • 1. Do you go braless? Only when I'm at home
    2. What size breasts do you have? 32B
    3. What type of tops do you go braless with? Just regular T-shirts
    4. Do your breasts sag much? No
    5. Do you get pokies and if so, what do you do about it? Nope
    6. How do you cope with the jiggling? Since I only go braless at home when I'm just laying around, I don't have that problem.

  • 1. Do you go braless? Almost never in public. Only at home and when I got from the beach and my bikini top is still wet and I'm on my way home.
    2. What size breasts do you have? 32D/DD
    3. What type of tops do you go braless with? Maxi-dresses. Great for covering up
    4. Do your breasts sag much? Not at all. They're actually very perky.
    5. Do you get pokies and if so, what do you do about it? Ofcourse, I'm human. Nothing, but you can't see them through my maxi-dress
    6. How do you cope with the jiggling? Not. I hate the jiggling, so that's why I almost never go braless...

    • by the way, at home I wear no dresses. I wear tops and t-shirts then

  • 1. If I'm wearing certain dresses with weird backs or at home before I go to bed
    2. 32B
    3. If they aren't like see through or if they have built in padding or some type of weird back
    4. Nope
    5. Yea I nip sometimes but just go to target or Victoria's Secret and get those "nipple petal" things that stick to your nipples and cover them
    6. I just don't jump around a lot lol

  • 1. yes
    3. usually with thick sweaters/sweatshirts in the winter and then tank tops in the summer or anything with no back
    4. No they don't sag
    5. yes but everyone has nipple so who cares. You can also get these things called petals that stick onto your nipple so they don't show through
    6. I don't jiggle unless I run or jump or something like that. So just don't run or jump or something like that

  • 1. I don't unless I'm home.
    2. I have a G cup.
    3. Only tops I go braless with are my pajama tops. :)
    4. I've had two kids, plus they're huge, so yes, there is a little sagging.
    5. Yes. On occasion. Had to stick Bandaids Over them once. Lol
    6. There is NO controling with my jiggling unless I hold 'em still with my hands.

  • 1. Only at home or of im just heading out to the store for two seconds. Or if Im running late to school
    2. 34A but I'm still growing and developing obviously
    3. T shirts
    4. Not really since they're small
    5. I have no idea what you mean by pokies. Like nipples showing? I just cross my arms to hide them
    6. The only time they really jiggle is when I'm on the school bus or I run so I just avoid running lol

  • I went braless today.
    I'm a very filled out teetering on the edge of almost D's C cup.
    Just wore a slightly loose black t-shirt.
    Nah, not really.
    I didn't, because it's warm out.
    I just... didn't walk fast or hard... lol

  • 1. Yes at the end of the day when going to bed.
    2. 36C
    3. Spaghetti straps or larger t shirts
    4. Nope not really
    5. Yes I cover them up around anyone besides my mom and sis
    6. I let them be unless going downstairs and running kind of hold them.

  • 1. Only when I go to sleep or when I am at home.
    2. I'm a 34C cup
    3. Racer back tops
    4. Not so much
    5. No I do not
    6. I don't have a problem with that.

  • Like 80% of the time.
    None. Or everything.
    Lmao no.
    Not really. Just wear something baggy.
    What jiggling.

  • 1. Occasionally
    2. 32B
    3. ones where a bra would obstruct eg strapless
    4. no they're quite pert.
    5. No
    6. I don't get jigging they're not big enough for that.

  • No. Not a lot of times so no
    Tube tops
    No, they are tiny
    No, probably
    I don't usually go bare, so I don't have to deal
    with the jiggling or pokies

  • 1. Only at home
    2. 32B
    3. Just pajamas and such.
    4. Nah not at all. They're too small for that lol
    5. Idc since I'm at home
    6. Same as 5

  • I only go braless privately I tried once it causes more attention than usual... I have D cup breasts they dont sag much despite then being big there actually really perky and perfect thanks to genetics and yes they bounce and jiggle but as for the nipples I would put those little nipple cover things so they helped with that but I still wouldn't go braless unless its a braless type of dress or in the comforting of my own home and with my bf.

  • 1. Yes I do.
    2. I'm a 36 C.
    3. Spaghetti strapped tops or dresses.
    4. No, not much.
    5. Pokies, not really but in case I do I cover them with my hair.
    6. They don't really jiggle much but when they do I tend to hold my arms in front of my chest.

  • 1. I can't ;-; unless I'm going to sleep for the night
    2. D-cups
    3. Pajamas for when I'm sleeping. Or dresses with bras made into them for special events.
    4. A bit because there heavy :/
    5. Yeah, but I just wear a jacket if im wandering around my house
    6. I just have to get used to it -__- or ill wear a sports bra to try and reduce it.

  • 1. yes
    2. apparently a 32C but they seem way smaller they look like an A cup when I'm in a bikini from what i have heard
    3. the ones with the "built in bras"
    4. no
    5. yes and i wear a sweatshirt
    6. i hold my tits when i'm moving a lot

    • also with number 5 i have weird nipples so my tits look weird when i don't wear a bra

  • 1. No
    2. 36B
    3. None
    4. No
    5. Do I get what now?
    6. I'm too small to jiggle :P

  • I'm a A/B cup and I go braless quite a bit. When I do this, I wear a lined camisole so that nipping isn't so apparent. Or I'll wear a shawl thing over it. I like not having to deal with a bra. It's just easier

  • 1. No
    2. 32D
    3. Only tops with built in shelf bra or molded cups
    4. No sagging yet
    5. I'm one of those people who always have hard nips so that's one of the main reasons I don't go braless
    6. I wear a bra

  • 1) only go braless at night when I'm to sleep
    2) 34DD
    3) Bikini tops only
    4) They sag alittle but is kinda perky
    5) What are pokies?
    6) They only jiggle a lot when I go running with a sports bra but otherwise, they don't get annoying because they don't really during my daily routine

  • 1. Only at home or If there's a built in bra
    2. 36 C
    3. Padded/built in bra
    4. Not really
    5. You mean nipples poking out? Not much cause its padded
    6. It doesn't happen much unless I jump lol

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