Where can I buy a self-piercing kit?

I wanna buy a piercing kit so i can pierce my belly, ears more, and maybe more later. My dad says they sell them at walmart but i haven't even seen them on the online site. All the kits I've seen from other places are for like a set of needles just for one part of the body. There are kits on amazon but I'm too afraid of unclean needles. Are there any official places i can buy/order a clean kit for not just one place of the body?


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  • I know a great website crazy factory. They sell needled and other medical supplies made for piercings. Though, you really have to look for information about hygiene.


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  • Not sure sorry... I've always got my piercings done in jewellers... try a pharmacie that does piercings...

  • i honestly think you would be better off getting it done at claires