Would you break-up with your girlfriend if she had an eye condition?

Let's say you knew about this condition for 7 years and you were with her for 9 years. This eye condition will affect her when she 40-50 and she will be blind. You made her feel that this was OK with you for all this time and even when she asked you to break up with her you said that you didn't want to do that. You didn't want to lose her, you loved her very much.


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  • No, but I might avoid having children together with her if it was hereditory (and if I was child orientated I might not at all).

    From what you explain though, it sounds unlikely it was an eye condition that ended the relaitonship (but it might of been the condition that dragged it out... its much harder to break up if someone is phyically disabled, or due to become so).

    What I would suspect is the case, and jumping rashly to conclusions of course, is that this man had found a ordinary relationship type problem with the relationship earlier on but felt he couldn't leave this person when they had such a problem (that he would be a jerk to do so). In time, he probably realised that he would have to because he would make them both miserable in the end (e.g. he would be a jerk either way) and did what he should have done along time earlier (possibly because he meet his right partner).

    If someone is the right person for you, an eye condition would not change that (though it might make it confused).

    My advice to any person with such a condition would be to not tell their partner about it until they where pretty sure the partner was really serious about them (and sure of them), not conceling it as such, but just not brining it up because it will only cloud the relationship decisions and might draw out a bad relationship for you in future and you wouldn't reall want that (I think).

    Of course, this is all very speculative and rash but maybe its a helpful insight.

    • He says that his parents did not want this. He said that she was "the perfect girl for him" and the time that they spend he said "he couldn't ask for anything better than this." So I guess can you break up with someone that you love because your parents said so? (Before his parents knew about this condition, they loved her."

      Bottom line is that I cannot understand his decision because his actions contradict what he says.

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    • Possibly, though it would also come from a place of love.

      Its a hard fact of life that the people we hurt most are always the ones we love and love us. In order to truly hurt someone (or to be hurt) we have to let people in and know us for all we are.

      The difference between someone who loves us completely and someone whos wrong for us is often in their final ability to see the us we know ourselves. Without this ability, they will continue to hurt because they simply misunderstand.

    • I used to believe that in love you could understand anything (anyone), and to some extent this IS a little true, but love is not all seeing and sometimes people fail to understand and I know with my ex-gf we simply couldn't come to a mutual understanding of one another as our core value where too different, so she always saw how I appeared to her and never me.

  • If I was with her since 9 years I'd probably love her, love her very much.. No way of breaking up. NO WAY!

    In 10 or 15 or 20 years medicine will be way more advanced than now and the chance there will be a treatment for her is important. Otherwise we will live it together then.

    Courage! (f)(f)(f)


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