Hair help and tips please?

Okay.. So I'm planning to dye my hair a dark red (burgundy) color. But I have really brown black hair.. (Box dyed) I really want the color to show but I don't want to bleach it. Any ideas? I'm doing it at home by the way


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  • I was just gonna ask this question 😂 only my hair is naturally dark brown with some caramel and auburn highlights from a year ago. I've seen some YouTube videos of girls using loreal hi color highlights in magenta to dye black hair red. I really want to dye it but I'm worried the color won't turn out even and the color will require touch ups at least every other week.

    • Yess me too! But those they only sell at Sallys and you need a developer and everything..

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    • Well I just dyed and my roots are bright !! .-.

    • Is it even? Do you like it?

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  • get the garnier made for dark hair one it turned my friends hair black to red

  • I dyed my hair burgundy once but I had normal brown hair before it. You said that you have brown black box dyed hair... why don't you try buying one of those 'hair colour remover's and THEN dye it burgundy?

    • I was thinking that! But I read some reviews and some people say "won't remove " "orange hair" I'm kinda unsure about it

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