Which bag should I carry with this dress for a semi-formal occassion?

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  • None of the above. If so, tell me what you would suggest.
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  • If you stay with black, go for 1. Its the same style as the dress. Don't take 4, its kitchery and I see it with old ladies. But if you step away from black, since your dress is, why not go for a fancy colour or mix. Everything yellow, red or blue will go flashy with it and you will certainly be noticed.

    • black or fancy choice?

    • I decided to go with a red one. I think red and black do indeed look good together. Thanks!

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  • omg i feel like i barely see style questions anymore. to anyone reading this, we need more style questions!!!

    anyway, nice outfit:)

    the first and last ones are DIVINEEE omg! that last one had me going WOW tho because it is very unique.
    id personally do a gold clutch but because the last one is a tad more gold id say that one=]

    • Yes we do need more style questions. I really enjoy them.

  • My gosh those are expensive! :O i hope you can afford it, since your already wearing a gold scalf i wouldn't use too much gold as it would be over-doing it so i would go with the Kate Landry Heavy Satin Large Clasp Frame Clutch, it's not as expensive as the other black one but still very pretty, i like the shell pattern and has a nice shoulder chain.

    • Yes. It is expensive. It is a gift. Lucky me!

    • damn i voted the wrong one, i pick number 1

    • Oh so you've already got the purses? awesome! i could honestly get a cheap purse though that looks exactly like those lol. Definitely number 1, it's good for different occasians too.

  • The dress your wearing is black right? If so I picked option C (Gold bag) it breaks up the whole "too much black" thing going on.

    Plus you have gold pumps, gold earrings.
    You need a gold clutch!

  • I like the first bag the most. It's pretty and interesting and you can use it again.

  • The links don't work for me.

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