On a scale of one to ten how would you rate Obama's job as president so far?

1 is the worst 10 is the best please comment on why

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  • I'm answering anonymously, because I really don't want or need any far left or far right morons chasing me around on this website. Its happened before. I would also like to state that I am an independent that leans more on the conservative side and that I voted for McCain. For me, Obama is about midway. I actually liked his inauguration speech where he said something like we will extend our hand if you are willing to unclench your fist. However, foreign affairs have not gotten better. Obama is too nice and wants to please everyone. He decides to cancel the missile defense system in eastern Europe to get Russia on our side against Iran. About a week ago, Russia says more strict policy against Iran is futile. Plus Iran now has the audacity to threaten the U.S, Britain, and Pakistan for a recent terror attack.

    Quick thing about health care: Back in July, he said that it that we can't afford for more delaying in health care reform. Billions of dollars in tax payer money is going into so I think we can't afford to get this wrong. Any minor footnote in this bill could cause it to be an epic fail.

    To everyone in the LGBT community, leave Obama alone. He has wars, the economy, health care, and immigration to deal with which I think are all more important right now than whether or not the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is repealed. Plus, he could probably wait 'til his next term (if he gets it) to deal with that, because its not like you would vote for a Republican.

    There are various other things that went into my decision. I could easily write a long essay and what I think he is doing right and wrong, but I am only one voice in a huge crowd.

    • You are the first conservative independent that I have seen that actually knows what your talking about :D

      GJ, sir, and I respect your opinions

    • Thank you. Seems to be a lot of people giving us a bad name nowadays, huh?

    • Yes! I'm glad you think the same as I do. Not many people do. I could rant on and on too, but like you said, "I'm only one voice in a huge crowd."


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  • 7-8

    for the amount of time he has been in office, he's been pretty productive. but people expected him to turn sh*t to gold the second he became president... sorry guys, it doesn't work that way. fixing a broken economy doesn't happen over night, and building an entirely new health care system is going to take a while. so I'm giving him time, I like what I've seen so far. I have to admit though, the whole Nobel Prize deal was kinda ridiculous.

  • I'm not American but, America affects the world, Obama is the best to America so far and to the world also, people used to letteraly HATE america with Obama things are changing I gave him an 8 because, not all the results are out.

    P.S: Bush had you guys in 2 wars yet, he destroyed the economy! Wow!

    • True but some of the other greats were, Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Kennedy, Reagan, Nixion.

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    • The events leading up to the attack on the World Trade center started under Carter, when Zbigniew Brzezinski started financing jihadists in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    • Jacq that is hardly a convincing reason to have stopped the course of actions then. During the Clinton's presidency, the world trade center was bombed in it's basement quarters in 93. That is much more of an incentive to have done something.

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  • 4, I'm not really following what he is doing. Because after Bush the whole thing went to hell, and I say f*** it, all the news is more sh*t I don't want to hear. Now we're being forced into Medicare, that means government medical care, so we could wait years for surgeries we need NOW. And reviving dead banks like AIG, is a waste of money. But what the hell ever, the USA has been going down hill since FDR was assassinated.

    Benjamin Franklin said that a country would fall if the government controlled the money and medicine. Guess where we're going? They control the money, they're pushing for health care. Sooner or later we'll be under a dictatorship. Just like Hitler, all our rights will be signed away with one signature in one day.

    Go take a look at the Patriot Act, tell me what you think. They can wire tap you, torture you, hold you without a warrant forever without telling you why, anything they want really if they say they have reason to believe your a terrorist. So I say your a terrorist your now being "legally" tortured, and I bet more so.

  • I've of the opinion that most of the real improvement done by a US administration goes on beyond the scenes, in small, unglamorous steps. The President's main job then, is to present a dignified and solemn face to his nation, and the world at large. I think we all still like the guy and respect his integrity, so for me that gets a ten. His predecessor may not have really screwed things up as much as we imagine, but he looked like an idiot regardless, so he gets a 3. Perception is reality.

    • I found this insightful. Our government's power/activity lays far more in the hands of Congress and the Senate, than in the president.

  • He starts the health reform, closes Guantanamo, is a very good ambassador for the US in the world. He seems determined to replace the crazy nuclear 'mutual assured destruction' strategy by bilateral disarmament.

    Good for a 9 out of 10 (If he had started peace talks in Afghanistan it would be a 10)

    (This doesn't count but he has a beautiful wife ;-) )

  • As an Candaian I would say that Obama is the best thing for the US so far because 1.) The World wide ecomaniy has improved since he became president, 2.) he's improved Amarica's Forien relationships 3.) His univerisal helth care plan is a good Idea...(I know I'm going to get a lot of angry comments about the last one) all in all he's doing a decent job of cleaning up Bush's mess..

    • Oh please stop with the"Bush's mess". Where are you getting your facts? The economy is actually worse, with a 9.8% of unemployed and growing. If you want a link, just ask. If his universal health care plan is so great, why is it being undisclosed? Next, he's also trying to increase his power for the next election by pleasing liberals; by attacking "Don't ask don't tell", legalizing marijuana for medical purposes (sarcasm), and don't even get me started on Rev. Wright.

  • 4 for me.

  • I haven't noticed anything yet, but I'll give him time.